About us

Our Vision

To facilitate great tourism experiences across Australia by providing creative and informative self-guided & GPS-guided smart tours utilizing the mobile technology on smart devices.

Our Mission

To be the leading creator and provider of smart tours for travellers by regularly innovating and leveraging evolving digital technology. 

Our Team

The team is made up of a number of creative people including scriptwriters, voiceover artists, software developers and even a wildlife adviser. Leading the Yabba family vision and the business development are…

Murray Henshall

CEO and Founder

Operational direction and leading the Yabba team, maintaining focus on our mission to be the leading creator and provider of smart tours for travellers.

Susan Henshall

Tour Research
Providing input relating to platform design, user-experience testing, script editing and tour creation.

Daniel Henshall

Information Technology Manager

Guiding the development of the platform, database, functionality, website and other logistics. Our coffee aficionado.

Louise Henshall

Wildlife Adviser

Writing and recording content, advising on Australian wildlife and related subjects. On trend adviser.